About the Project

About the Project

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I am looking for people who are descendants of people unjustly incarcerated in the WWII Japanese American concentration camps who grew up knowing little or nothing about that part of their family history. In other words, it wasn’t until later in life that they learned about their family’s camp history.

In some JA homes, there was an object from camp: a painting, wood carving, document, etc. that was on display. I remember seeing a carved bird pin that my mom kept in her jewelry box. She told me that her father carved it when he was in Poston and that she and her younger sister each got one. At that moment, the pin became even more important to my connection to my grandfather, a man who died before I was born.

I want to tell YOUR story and that moment you learned about the object’s history and importance. I will be photographing you with the object in a significant location: camp, assembly center, departure point, etc., and interview you so that you get the chance to tell how you learned about the object.

Please share this information with your JA friends and family. The specific nature of this project means that many may not fit the requirements, so I need this to be shared as much as possible.